Lake-Sumter Community College

LSSC Student Identification Numbers

X-ID (X - Identification Number)

Effective October 2004, each student is issued an X-ID number by LSSC. Social Security numbers are no longer used for identification purposes.

PIN (Personal Identification Number)

Each student also has a unique 6 digit password, a PIN, used to log on to the LOIS (LSSCs Online Interactive Services, used to register for classes; view and update personal information; and view transcripts and grades) and FACTS (Florida Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students) systems.

To obtain your X-ID:

For current or returning students who have already been assigned an X-ID:

Click Find Your X-ID

For new students:

You will be assigned an X-ID number by Admissions when you submit your application and pay your application fee.

For returning students who have not been enrolled since 1989:

When you return to LSSC, you will be assigned your X-ID once you have submitted an application for readmission.

To obtain your PIN:

For new students who have NEVER accessed LOIS:

Your PIN is your birth date in six-digit format. Example, June 15, 1982 would be typed in as 061582.

For students who have accessed LOIS:

Your PIN is the unique six-digit number that you created the first time you logged into LOIS. For security reasons, all users are prompted to change their PINs the first time that they log on to LOIS. If you have forgotten what this number is, please follow the steps listed below to reset your PIN.

To reset or change your PIN:

1. Go to LOIS or watch LOIS Pin Look Up Video: PIN LOOKUP VIDEO

o Type in your X-ID for USER ID and then click FORGOT PIN?

o You will be prompted to answer the original security question that you set up the first time that you logged on to LOIS. Type in the answer to your question; click SUBMIT ANSWER.

o Type in a new six digit number for your PIN you are required to type it in twice; click RESET PIN.

2. If you have tried Step 1 and are still having problems, on regular business days between 8 am and 4:30 pm, your PIN can be reset in one of the following ways:

o Call the Admissions main number at 352-323-3665 and request that your PIN be reset.

o E-mail with your name, X-ID, and date of birth; request that your PIN be reset.

o Leesburg Campus, - your PIN can be reset in the following locations: Receptionist, Admissions, Advising, Library. You will be required to present picture ID.

South Lake and Sumter Campuses - your PIN can be reset in the front office or by the academic advisor. You will be required to present picture ID.