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LSSC has partnered with Starfish Retention Solutions to help students enjoy greater academic success!  

Starfish provides an online student success environment that connects students with needed services like academic advising, tutoring, career services, and financial aid - with the aim of improving student success, satisfaction and retention.  In addition, instructors can communicate directly with students regarding their progress in class by raising "flags" when concerns arise or by sending "kudos" to acknowledge positive trends or achievement.  Starfish is a one-stop shop to help students stay on track and achieve their academic goals! 


Students:  How Can you Access Starfish?

Starfish is now accessible through the student tab in LOIS and will be accessible through Canvas within each course you are enrolled in.
Helpful Links & Information:

Students:  How Can Starfish Help You?

  • Know right away when there is a concern about your performance in a course 
  • Get connected quickly and easily with support services 
  • Check in on your course progress in real time
  • Receive encouraging messages from faculty and staff who recognize your hard work
  • Communicate easily with advisors, instructors, and other support services staff to get answers to your questions

 Faculty:  How Can Starfish Help You?

  • Find a wealth of information about your students along with tools to make a difference quickly and conveniently
  • Easily share concerns with the right people at the right time to make an instant impact on a student's success
  • Track the flags that you have raised for your students to see which staff member(s) are working with the student and if/how the flag was resolved
  • Send motivating messages of support to students who are participating, improving or showing good effort
  • Let Starfish turn the gradebook entries and attendance tracking that is required into actionable triggers for warnings, referrals or "See Me!" messages
  • Open an email within the platform and give feedback or save detailed meeting notes or "speed notes" with just a few clicks
  • Set your office hours and let students book appointments with you through Starfish