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Accessing Disability Services & Determining Eligibility

Here are the steps to follow to access services in the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at Lake Sumter State College:
1.      Apply to LSSC online at
  • Be sure to start early. Ideally students should apply one semester before he or she wants to take classes.

2.      Apply for Financial Aid.

  • Visit the Federal website from the link provided and to fill out the financial aid application
3.     Take the PERT placement test. 
  • If students require testing accommodations, contact the OSD at 352-365-3589 to make arrangements.
  • The test is multiple choice and is not timed. Proper documentation is required in order to use accommodations.
  • If students require a sign language interpreter, please contact the OSD to set thisup.
4.     Register with the Office for Students with Disabilities. 
  • If students are new to OSD, please call 352-365-3589 to discuss potential services and the type of disability documentation students need to provide to the OSD for determining eligibility for services.
  • Obtain a copy of the documentation guidelines for the type of disability the student is disclosing. 
  • Provide the OSD with your disability documentation for review.
  • If the documentation provided supports the student's eligibility for services, then an intake appointment will be set up with the Assistant Director/OSD to discuss accommodations.
  • After the intake process is completed and the student is registered for classes, the student will need to request "Instructor Notification Letters (INL's)".  The letters outline accommodations that the student may use.  When instructors receive INL's, they contain contact information and instructions on how to assist students with the accommodations he or she is eligible to receive.
  • It is the student's responsibility to submit an "Instructor Notification Letter Request Form," along with the copy of a "detailed schedule" from LOIS.  Forms must be submitted each term if students wish to use  accommodations for the upcoming semester.  
  • A link to the form is listed below.  Copies are also available at the South Lake and Sumter Campus Front Desks and at the Academic Advising Desk on the Leesburg Campus.
  • It is the student's responsibility to contact his or her instructor about accommodation needs and the student must present the INL in order to receive accommodations. 
  • The OSD makes the effort to arrange services and accommodations quickly, it is important to note that once a request is made, it can take several weeks to make all arrangements.
  • It is also important to understand that services or accommodations can only be provided for a student who provides proper documentation.