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Disability Documentation Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), defines a disability as a substantial limitation of a major life function. Students requesting academic adjustments, accommodations, or auxiliary aids from Disability Services at Lake Sumter State College are required to submit documentation of their disability to verify eligibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Amendments Act (ADAAA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the policies of the Office for Students with Disabilities.

As appropriate to the disability, documentation should include:

  • A Diagnostic statement identifying the disability, date of the current diagnostic evaluation, and/or the date of the diagnosis.  A clear diagnostic statement that describes how the condition was diagnosed, provides information on the functional impact, and details the typical progression or prognosis of the condition.
  • The diagnostic criteria and or diagnostic test used. The description should include the  results of diagnostic procedures, diagnostic tests utilized, and date administered. Diagnostic methods should be congruent with the disability and current professional practices in the field.
  • A description of current functional impact of the disability. The current functional impact on physical, perceptual, cognitive, and behavioral abilities should be described either explicitly or through a combination of the results of formal evaluation procedures, clinical narrative, and an individual's self report. Information on how the disabling condition(s) currently impacts the individual provides useful information for establishing a disability and identifying possible accommodations. Quality documentation is thorough enough to demonstrate whether and how a major life activity is substantially limited, by providing a clear sense of the severity, frequency, and pervasiveness of the condition(s).  ​​
  • A description of current and past treatments, medications, accommodations and/or assistive services. This description should include a statement regarding the effectiveness in minimizing the impact of the disability. Significant and potential side effects that may impact physical, perceptual, behavioral or cognitive performance should also be noted.
  • A description of expected progression or stability of the impact of the disability over time. This description should provide an estimate of the change in the functional limitations of the disability over time and/or recommendations concerning the predictable need for reevaluation.
  • Recommendations for accommodations. Depending on the impact of the condition on the individual, the statement should include suggestions or recommendations for accommodations, adaptive devices, assistive technology, strategies, and/or educational support services that can help to provide full access. If recommendations are congruent with the programs and services offered by Lake Sumter State College, they will be given consideration. When recommendations go beyond services that can be provided by the College, they may be used to suggest potential referrals to area service providers outside of the College.
  • The credentials of the diagnosing professional(s). Information regarding the professional training, certification, or licensure of individuals conducting the evaluation should be provided.
Provisional accommodations might be offered in the interim, but final determination of accommodations will not be made until the student’s documentation is complete.

Disability Categories: (may include, but are not limited to)

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