Lake-Sumter Community College

Credit By Exam

Courses that satisfy the Computer Proficiency requirement are marked with * after the course #. Please see the current catalog for requirements.

To register for any of these exams, contact the Learning Center in the Center for Teaching and Learning, Room CTL 101 on the Leesburg Campus. Students can also register on the SL or SU campus, however, all testing will take place on the Leesburg campus. Testing date is May 5, 2017. 

Students who want to take the exemption exam for computer proficiency instead should refer to the information below the table entitled "Computer Proficiency Exam."

The following courses may be exempted by testing. Fees for Credit by Exam are $25 per credit hour. Students who pass will receive credit for the course with a grade of “P.” Students who fail the test must register for the course; the exam cannot be repeated. Students must complete a Request for Credit by Exam form and return it, with payment, to the Learning Center Office by ​April 28, 2017. Contact the Learning Center at 365-3554 for more information about rooms and times.  Students who fail the test must register for the course; the exam cannot be repeated.

Course Credits Course Title Time Room Instructor
ACG 2021   3  Financial Accounting   9-11 am M-106  Clark, J.
CCJ 1020   3 Intro. to Criminal Justice  9-11 am LA-1 Hogans, K.
CGS 1100*   3 Business Comp. Appl.  9am-1pm M-108 Johnson, J.
CTS 1101   1 Microsoft Windows/Intro.   8:30-11 am M-108 Johnson, J.
EEC 1001   3 Intro/Early Childhood Edu.   9-11 am SM-228   Barnwell, J
HIM 2012   2 Medicolegal Aspects of Records   9-11 am SM-228   Ziesemer, B.
HIM 1430   3 Concepts of Disease  9-11 am SM-228  Ziesemer, B.
HIM 2442   1 Pharmacology & Laboratory Analysis  9-11 am SM-228  Ziesemer, B.
HSC 1531   2 Medical Terminology I   9-11 am SM-228 Ziesemer, B.
HSC 1532   2 Medical Terminology II  9-11 am SM-228   Ziesemer, B.
OST 1100   3 Keyboarding/Document Formatting  8:30-10:30 am M-105  Heikkinen, M.
OST 1110   3 Advanced Document Formatting 8:30-10:30 am  M-105 Heikkinen, M.
OST 1330   3 Business English  9-11 am M-105    Heikkinen, M.


* Meets the Computer Proficiency Requirement


Spring 2017 – Computer Proficiency Exam May 5 2017.

Students planning to graduate from LSSC must demonstrate the basic use of computers through the successful completion of designated courses, by earning passing scores on associated Credit by Exam for those designated courses, or by a passing score on the proficiency exam. Students should see an advisor for details.

The fee for taking the Computer Proficiency Exam is $25.00 which must be paid by April 28, 2017. The exam will be given on May 5, 2017  on the Leesburg Campus in Room M108 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Contact the Learning Center 365-3554 for information about registering for this exam. Students who fail the test must register for a computer course; the exam cannot be repeated.

All degree seeking students at Lake-Sumter State College must demonstrate computer proficiency in order to be granted the Associate in Applied Science, the Associate in Science, or the Associate in Arts degree. Students who want to take a course that satisfies the college's Computer Proficiency requirements can take one of the courses that are marked with * after the course number. Please see the catalog for requirements.