Lake-Sumter Community College

The Lending Library Spring  Dates

Regular Check Out                         Week of 01/03/2019
Lending Library Due Date             Week of  04/22/2019 

The Lending Library Process

The Lending Library (TLL) opens during finals week for book and calculator returns and student donations. 

  • BONUS:  Students who donate can check-out a book early.  There is no waiting for those who donate. 
  • The week following finals and the first week of classes are for book returns and general check-out.
  • Non-Return Policy:  A hold is placed on students’ account for the value of a used book.  The names are also placed on a Do Not Lend List.  When the book is returned or replaced the hold is removed.
  • Below is an example of what we could have:

General Studies

Course Code
Course Name
AMH 2010
U.S. History to 1877
AMH 2020
U.S. History Since 1877
AMH 2035
U.S. History Since 1945
AML 2010
American Literature to 1865
AML 2264
Survey of American Literature 
ANT 2000
Introduction to Anthropology
ARH 2000
Art Appreciation
ASL 2140
American Sign Lanuage I
ASL 2150
American Sign Language II
BSC 1010
General Biology I With Lab
CGS 1100
Business Computer Applications
DEP 2004
Human Development
ENC 1102
HIM 1433
Diseases of the Human Body
HSC 1532
The Language of Medicine
HUN 1201
Nutrition & Diet Therapy
INR 2002
Essentials of International Relations
LIT 2000
The Norton Anthology
MAC 2233
Calculus for Business
MAC 2311/2313
Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
MAT 1100
Pathways to College Mathematics
MAT 1105
College Algebra (Notebook)
MET 1010
MGF 1106
Liberal Arts Math
MGF 1107
Explorations in Math
MTB 1370
Math for Health-Related Professions
OCE 1000
PSY 2012
Introduction to Psychology
REL 2300
Anthology of Living Religions
SLS 1501
Foundations of Success Seminar

Bachelors Degree

Course Code
Course Name
ENT 4004
FIN 3400
GEB 1430
Business Ethics & Ettiquette
GEB 3213
Advanced Business Communications
GEB 3452
Legal & Ethical Environment of Business
GEB 4525
Organizational Defelopment
ISM 3011
Introduction to Information
MAN 3240
Organizational Behavior
MAN 3240
Self-Assessment Library
MAN 3353
Management Theory & Applications
MAN 4301
Human Resource Management
MAN 4720
Strategic Management
MAN 3802
Marketing for Managers
MAN 3802
Marketing for Managers
MNA 4037
Introduction to Project Management