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Service Learning

What is Service Learning?

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Service Learning is part of a growing and unique national movement in education that involves collegiate participation in community and philanthropic service opportunities. While definitions of service learning vary, it is generally defined as a teaching tool and method that uses community involvement to apply theories or skills being taught in a course. Serve to learn furthers the objectives of the academic course, and addresses broader-based (i.e., community) needs as students participate in and learn from service activities.

Service Learning (also known as "engaged" or "applied" learning) involves a service component that allows the student to apply new knowledge and acquire practical skills. Through course work, the student employs critical analysis and examines a systemic problem or societal issue the service was designed to address. Service Learning is a proven and highly effective teaching tool and method. Research reveals that serve to learn experiences enhance broader learning outcomes, increase student retention, make learning more relevant, foster civic participation, provide opportunities for career exploration and preparation, and overall improve timely graduation rates.

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"Service-learning is learning in action." Senator John Glenn


To improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and learning.

Program Goals

  • Increase student engagement to enhance student learning,
  • Foster civic and personal responsibility, and
  • Develop an environment of collegial participation among students, faculty, and the community.

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