Lake-Sumter Community College

Schedule Planner


Schedule Planner is a web-based tool to help you build your optimal class schedule each semester. 


With Schedule Planner you can: 

  • Build your class schedule weeks prior to registering for classes each semester. 

  • Review every possible schedule combination, taking into account your selected courses and designated break times.

  • Save your selections for later by sending them to the Schedule Planner Registration Cart.   



Click the image or video below for more information on how to use Schedule Planner. 

Schedule Planner Information Sheet 

(a how-to guide to use Schedule Planner) 



Schedule Planner Information Video

(a short video on how to use Schedule Planner)



Schedule Planner FAQs


Am I required to use Schedule Planner to register for classes?

Schedule Planner is a tool that will help you build your class schedule each term. It is not a requirement to use it to register. The online Schedule of Classes and LOIS registration features are still available.


How do I access Schedule Planner?

Schedule Planner is available in your LOIS student account. 


Either select 'Schedule Planner' on the LOIS Main Menu or follow these steps to access Schedule Planner:

  • Log in to LOIS

  • Select  the 'Student' tab

  • Select 'Registration - Add/Drop - Course Withdrawal'

  • Choose 'Schedule Planner' from the menu which will redirect you to Schedule Planner

How do I use Schedule Planner?

Within Schedule Planner there are some short "how-to" videos to help you navigate through the schedule building process. Once you are logged in to Schedule Planner, you can access these videos by clicking the 'Help Videos' link on the top right of the page.


You can also view or print this helpful Information Sheet to help navigate the basics of Schedule Planner.


Is there an accessible version of Schedule Planner?

After you have logged in to Schedule Planner, at the top left of the page you will find the "Text Only" link to the accessible version of the tool.


How do I view more information about a course?

You can find out more information about a class within Schedule Planner by clicking on the blue Information icon next to a course.  In the course grid on the Home page, clicking on the Info icon will show you the course title and course description.  In the section view after clicking on Options or when viewing a potential schedule, clicking on the Info icon will show you additional course information such as the course title, course description, a textbook link, class meeting dates, and credits.


Does building a schedule in Schedule Planner mean that I am registered?

No, building a schedule in Schedule Planner does not mean that you are registered. You are not registered until you successfully add the courses from your Shopping Cart via the "Register" or "Add to Worksheet" button. These options will bring you to the LOIS registration system where you will add your classes from Schedule Planner, make changes to existing registration, and/or review potential registration errors. Once you have added your classes in LOIS, you have successfully registered.


Does adding to the Shopping Cart mean that I have to pay now?

You will not be required to pay at the time you add courses to your Shopping Cart. The Registration Shopping Cart is the tool that brings your Schedule Planner courses to LOIS in order to complete registration. After registration, the normal fee payment deadlines will apply.


I built my schedule in Schedule Planner, why can't I register?

Schedule Planner will be available for each semester at least two weeks prior to the first registration date. While you can build a schedule in Schedule Planner and save it in your cart, you will only be able to add these classes on or after the first day of your registration window. Other reasons registration could be prohibited include closed sections, course restrictions, or a hold on your account. Please carefully review registration errors during the registration process for more information.


What if I can't get the schedule I want?

It is not guaranteed that you will be able to register for the exact class schedule that you want. Sometimes courses are full or not available in the time or semester that you intended to register. It is important to have alternate courses available to help build your schedule. Also, flexibility with course and break times can help you build the schedule you need.


How do I clear the cart and start over?

You can clear your entire cart by clicking the "Send to Shopping Cart" link at the top of Schedule Planner. This will take you to the LOIS Schedule Planner Registration Cart where you can click the "Clear Cart" button. Clearing your cart does not mean that you will be dropped from classes that you are already registered for.


Can I filter a course in the Courses list by instructor?

Yes. From the home page, click Options next to the course, then select Advanced Filters. Click in the box next to Instructors and all possible instructors will populate. Select one or more instructors and select Save Filters. To remove the filter, simply click on Advanced Filters and click the 'x' next to the instructor(s) that you would like to remove. Then select Save Filters.