Lake-Sumter Community College

Returning Students

Returning (or "Readmit") students have attended LSSC more than one year ago. Students will complete the readmission application (see link below) as well as submit a Residency Affidavit.
Returning students who have attended other institutions since last attending LSSC must send an official transcript from each previously-attended institution to LSSC for evaluation.​​ 
** If you are applying for the Bachelors program in Organizational Management or Nursing, you will need to complete a new application by clicking here​.

New Student Orientation

Returning students are encouraged but not required to participate in the college's orientation program, Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR). If a returning student chooses not to attend SOAR, he or she should instead make an appointment with Academic Advising to get re-acquainted with program requirements.

LSSC Student Identification Numbers (X-ID)

Returning students already have been assigned an X-ID number, and this information has not changed. Not sure of your X-ID Number? Check it out here.

Readmission Application

Readmission application is for students who have been away from Lake-Sumter State College for three or more consecutive semesters and wish to return for the upcoming semester.

Readmission Application

The deadline to apply for Summer Session A and Summer Session​ AE will be April 22,2019. The deadline to apply for Summer Session B will be June 10, 2019.