Student Support Contact Concerning Blackboard Online Courses

Startup Requirements - Find the Course Syllabus

Online instructors have course start up requirements (orientations and special course details) available in the course syllabus at least one week before the start of each course.

To find the syllabus for your course, go to your instructor's individual faculty web page and look for the syllabus. Faculty websites are available at

syllabus directions

First Time Users

Blackboard login access is avaialble at First time users should click the link on the Blackboard Login page labelled First Time Users and follow the instructions there.

First Time Users

Blackboard Orientation

To learn about how to use Blackboard, go to Blackboard's student tutorial website. From there, you can learn how to submit assignments, post to a discussion board, check your grades and much more.

Blackboard Tutorials

Contacting Help Desk

If you have a technical support issue, like a forgotten password, please send an email to from your LakeHawk Mail. You can access LakeHawk Mail at LSSC's website.

In your email to Help Desk, please include:

sample email