Lake-Sumter Community College

Media Service Request 

Procedures for requesting media set-ups:

Lake Sumter State College provides great resources through our meeting rooms, conference rooms, and labs. When those rooms are booked, we can provide a mobile lap top cart, or a single media set up with a computer and a projector.

To request help with media services please follow these procedures.

1. Start by placing a help desk request email to: place media set up request in the subject line.

2. In the body of your email include the date you need a set up, and the exact equipment you will need for your meeting or class.

3. Prepare for a minimum 48 hour turnaround time.

4. Prepare for a call or email from eLearning to assess your request.

5. Prepare for one day in advance set up and test.

6. If your equipment breaks of fails on the day you plan to use it, please contact Information Technology at 352-365-3505.