Lake-Sumter Community College

Mission and Services



It is the mission of the eLearning department to foster the use of technology and design principles.

It is our commitment to help ensure that the most diverse student population can be reached, retained and supported using a variety of technology resources. Additionally our commitment extends to supporting faculty and staff by designing, developing, applying, and managing their requirements relating to eLearning.

 In order to fulfill this mission, the eLearning Department will:

  • Encourage and support the effective use of technology across the curriculum.
  • Provide training and assistance to faculty and staff using all forms of technology
  • Provide assistance and support for students using technology to meet their goals
  • Serve as a resource for online teaching and learning
  • Provide tools and resources for the effective preparation of students on the use of the (LMS).
  • Facilitate faculty collaboration to produce effective teaching and learning practices related to technology.
  • Provide direction and support in instructional design to assist faculty in quality eLearning integration in the classroom.
  • Encourage and support the use of the learning management system (LMS) and other technologies in all learning environments.





Provides organizational leadership and support ensuring the success of the eLearning Department though the development and the implementation of strategic planning, budgeting, and policy.​​

Instructional Design, Quality Assurance Services, and Faculty Development 


Researches best practices in course design providing support and assistance for eLearning course activities that facilitate creating content and maintaining the college standards of teaching and learning. Assists faculty and staff with the creation and use of engaging material, including Web-based and mobile applications, used by the college to enhance communication, social interaction, and education.​ This responsibility includes professional development activities for faculty and staff utilizing instructional technology.​


Instructional Technology and Operations


Responsible for the day-to-day operation and those ongoing cyclic activities involved in the operation of the eLearning Department for the purpose of accomplishing the stated goals of the college. Provides resources, technical assistance, and instruction to assist students, faculty and staff for the purpose of providing a quality educational experience for everyone through the use of technology. Monitors eLearning applications used at the college and provides oversight for the use of classroom technology and open computer labs.​​​