Lake-Sumter Community College


  Bonny Robertson

Welcome to my home page!  My name is Bonny Robertson and I am an adjunct faculty member at Lake-Sumter State College, Leesburg Campus.  Information on the courses I teach along with my contact information and office hours are included below.



    OFFICE HOURS:     Adjunct Office     Leesburg Campus

                    Remember additional tutoring is available in the Learning Center.                  



                 Summer B            CLASS SCHEDULE


               MAC 1114  Trigonometry       CRN 30007      SM 233      3  credits

                                                                     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 

                                                                     9:40 - 11:10 AM

             MAC 1105   College Algebra    CRN 30006    3 credits

                                                                      Monday & Wednesday   SM 233 

                                                                      Tuesday & Thursday    Emporium

                                                                    11:20 AM - 12:50 PM