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Dr. Cory L. Blackwell

Welcome to my home page!  My name is Dr. Cory L. Blackwell and I am a faculty member at Lake-Sumter State College.  I teach Microbiology, and General Biology I, and Career Planning at the South Lake campus.  Information on the courses I teach along with my contact information and office hours are included below.  


South Lake. Building 1: Room 134

Email Address:

Office Phone: 352-536-2124

                               SYLLABI FALL 2017

                 Blackwell - MCB 2010C (10165).docxBlackwell - MCB 2010C (10165).docx

                 Blackwell - MCB 2010C (10166).docxBlackwell - MCB 2010C (10166).docx

                 Blackwell -BSC 1010C (10676).docxBlackwell -BSC 1010C (10676).docx

                               OFFICE HOURS FALL 2017

                 Blackwell Office Schedule Fall 2017.xlsxBlackwell Office Schedule Fall 2017.xlsx