Lake-Sumter Community College


PortraitGeraldine Manus

Welcome to my home page!  My name is Geraldine Manus and I am a faculty member at Lake-Sumter State College, teaching here since Fall 2011! This semester I have the privilege of teaching Composition Literature - ENC 1102 at the Leesburg campus on Tuesday/Thursday. 

I do not have an office but am available for conferences. Please make an appointment. I am on the Leesburg campus on T/TR. I can make myself available before and after class, by appointment. 
This semester, we will be using LIB GUIDES for most of our texts, meaning they will appear through Blackboard. Access is free. You will also be responsible for any materials handed out in class to supplement the texts. Please review the syllabus and come to class prepared, having already done the assigned readings. 

Please check my webpage and Blackboard frequently for assignments and announcements. Homework and Essay assignments will be posted on BB.  If you have any problems accessing this information, please notify me through LakeHawk mail. 

Have a great semester!