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PortraitKelly Cornell

Welcome to my home page!  My name is Kelly Cornell and I am a faculty member at Lake-Sumter State College.  Information on the courses I teach along with my contact information and office hours are included below.

 Department / Position

Associate Professor of Graphic Arts

Spring 2018
  • ARH 2000 - Art Appreciation
2-D Design
  • ART 1300C - Freehand Drawing I
  • ART 1301C - Freehand Drawing II



  •  ​PGY 1401C - Basic Photography
 3-D Design
  • ART 2750C - Introduction to Ceramics
  • ART 2751C - Intermediate Ceramics II​


Office Location:  Fine Arts Building, Leesburg campus office number 139


Office Hours:

Wednesday’s 8-9:30am

Friday’s 8-9:30am


Online Hours:

Sunday’s 8-9pm

Monday’s 7-9pm

Wednesday’s 7-9pm

Thursday’s 7-9pm


Also available by appointment.

Email address:

Office phone number: (352)-365-3511