Lake-Sumter Community College


Professor Robert Frank


Phone: (352) 568-0001 x1024

B.S. in Industrial Engineering Technology, Kent State University
M.S. in Industrial Engineering Technology, Youngstown State University
PhD Candidate, Education, Walden University



I am an engineering technology professor for LSSC's Engineering Technology A.S. degree program. 

My professional career as a practicing engineer included positions ranging from computer network engineer to systems analyst.  As a project engineer, I am experienced in coordinating and monitoring project assignments in process improvement and control, plant inspection, and plant operations development. I also have advised and led management in the application of new technologies.

Working in industrial manufacturing environments, I focused on formalizing processes and emphasizing lean manufacturing.  I have implemented technologies using Allen Bradley and Siemens Programmable Logic Controller's, Rockwell Automation, and Human Machine Interfacing (HMI) software. I also have extensive knowledge in Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic, Structured Query Language (SQL),  and Data Warehousing.

I have been teaching engineering for 20 years and hold the following certifications: Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional Trainer, Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL, ASQ: Six Sigma Certified Quality Engineer, and Manufacturing Skills Standards Certified.  








I will teach the following courses at Lake Sumter State College  – Sumterville Campus.  These courses will be a combination of on line assignments (Blackboard) and on campus labs with an open lab format.  There are no scheduled class times. Labs will be completed individually under my supervision, by appointment.
EET1084C Introduction to Electronics
ETD1320C Computer Aided Drafting
ETI1420C Manufacturing Processes and Materials
ETI1110C Introduction to Quality
ETI1701C Industrial Safety
ETM1010C Mechanical Measurement and Instrumentation

These courses are designated as on line with open lab courses. On line with open lab courses are initiated by students to meet the student’s individual goals.  Students must be academically in good standing. On line, open lab courses are provided as an alternative instructional strategy, not an alternative curriculum. Students work independently, in according with college polices, and under the general supervision of a professor. Students follow the college-adopted curriculum and meet the college graduation requirements.  The on line, open lab option is substantially equivalent in quality and quantity to classroom instruction. Students who choose to engage in this study have equality of rights and privileges with the same access to existing services and resources as students in the regular school program.  The school recognizes that successful students have the motivation, commitment, organizational skills, and academic skills necessary to work independently. As necessary, the school assists motivated and committed students in strengthening their organizational and academic skills so they can work independently.



Office Locations: Sumterville Campus, JF-1101B
Phone: ​(352) 568-0001 x1024