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Fine Arts BuildingMission:  LSSC Financial Aid Office is dedicated to delivering high quality service, to inspire growth, to help students and staff achieve their goals.

The primary purpose of the student financial aid program at Lake-Sumter State College is to provide financial assistance to academically qualified students who could not further their education without financial aid.

The Student Financial Aid Program provides assistance in the forms of scholarships, grants, loans, and employment. Students can find out more detailed information on all the Financial aid Programs, as well as eligibility requirements here.

    • In order to qualify for Financial Aid each student must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year, application become available in October.  You can fill this out at
    • Once LSSC receives the FAFSA information, students will be notified via email if additional information is needed.  Students can view the status of their Financial File under the Financial Aid section of LOIS.
  • Students will receive an award notification through LakeHawk email once your file is processed by the Financial Aid Office. Students are able to view their Financial aid Award through their LOIS account. Student will have the option to accept or decline Federal Loans through their LOIS account.

    Student will be required to read and accept Financial Aid Terms and Agreement in order to view the Financial aid Award.
  • A separate application may be required to request or increase a Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan. Please email finaidemail@lssc to request this form.
  • Please notify the Financial Aid Office if you are expecting the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship.
  • Follow up on your application. Students can check their Financial Aid progress through their LOIS account. Do not wait until school begins.
  • If you are awarded financial aid, it is your responsibility to drop your courses if you decide not to attend your classes

Eligibility Requirements

To receive aid from the major financial aid programs at LSSC, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate financial need in accordance with the Federal financial need analysis formula.
  • Have a high school diploma or a GED.
  • Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a regular student working toward a degree or certificate in an eligible program.
  • Be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • Be enrolled at least half-time (6-8 credit hours) for most programs.
  • Have signed certification statements of "Educational Purpose/Refunds and Defaults" on FAFSA.
  • Have a valid social security number.
  • Register with the Selective Service, if required.
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Take classes that apply to their degree or eligible certificate program at Lake-Sumter State College.
  • Not convicted of a Drug offense at any time while receiving Federal Student aid.

Financial Aid Deadlines 

A FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be completed for each academic year and one FAFSA serves throughout that entire academic year (Fall through Summer). The FAFSA becomes available each October for the following academic year, and you should apply as early as possible because many financial aid programs have limited funding that will go only to early applicants. For best results, for Fall semester apply each year by April 1st.  FAFSA’s can still be filed after this date.

Late Applicants

Students who do not have a Financial Aid File fully completed before the fee payment deadline may have to pay for tuition and books out of pocket.  Your application will still be accepted and processed after the fee payment deadlines; then if you qualify for financial aid, a refund will be issued to you. You can seek help with paying your fees through the Tuition and Installment Plan (TIP). 


LSSC is an equal access / equal opportunity institution