Lake-Sumter Community College

Transient and Transfer Students


Transient Students:


Students who are registered as transient at Lake-Sumter State College (LSSC) are not eligible to receive financial aid at LSSC; however, students can receive assistance at their home institution. You should check with the Financial Aid Office at your home institution to find out the procedure for receiving aid for classes you are taking at LSSC. Classes registered in at LSSC should be paid by the student the fee payment deadline for that term.

LSSC students who are taking classes at another institution as a transient student for credit toward their degree at LSSC should follow the following steps to receive financial aid for the transient coursework

  1. Get prior permission to take transient coursework by filling out the Transient Student Form. Click here for instructions on accessing Florida Virtual Campus.
  2. Register and pay for coursework at the transient institution
  3. Turn in paid receipt and class schedule to the Financial Aid Office
  4. Once the consortium agreement has gone through the approval process, the student's aid will be adjusted accordingly.
  5. At the end of the term in which a student is taking transient coursework, LSSC must receive an official transcript in order to award aid for the next term of enrollment.

Please note: No consortium agreements will be processed until after the Lake-Sumter State College add/drop period is over each term. A student must be enrolled in at least 6 hours at Lake Sumter in order to qualify for a student loan at LSSC.

Transfer Students:

For students who are transferring to LSSC, academic transcripts must be received and evaluated before financial aid can be awarded.  If a student's completion ratio or GPA is below the standards of academic progress at LSSC or the student transfers in more than 90 credit hours, eligibility for financial aid will be suspended.  Students do have the option to appeal if they have documented mitigating circumstances.

 LSSC is an equal access / equal opportunity institution