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Memorial Scholarships

 Leave A Legacy Make a Difference in the Lives that Follow

If you are interested in setting up a naming opportunity to award scholarships to one of our deserving student, donors are able to assign certain criteria for their scholarships such as G.P.A., high school graduated from, county of residence, etc. Scholarships can be set up to honor or memorialize a family member, business, colleague, or community leader; support members of underserved groups, support academic or artistic achievement or to benefit students of a particular major.

Click here to download the Scholarship/Endowment Form to start setting up your scholarship.

The following are current memorial scholarships:

Carl & Mary Voltz​​ Cory Davis Athletics Memorial
​Delbert Mark Copeland Memorial ​Dorothy E. Schultz Memorial
​Dr. Evelyn "Sis" Sebree Family Memorial Dr. Sylvia Thomasson Memorial
​Gail Gross Memorial  George O. Pringle Memorial Scholarship
​Gladys Steinberg Memorial ​Helen Spiewak Nursing Memorial
Hermalinda Perez Godinez Memorial H. Guy & Anne W. Thompson Memorial
Jamilya & Jasmine Lewis Memorial ​​Joe & Betty Holmes Memorial 
​​​John Brandeburg Memorial  ​Joe T. Memorial 
Mary Kay Geiger Leware Nursing Memorial 
Paul Randy Porter Memorial 
Vicki Odor Memorial
​Voiture 400, 40 & 8, H.O. Robbins Memorial
​William C. & Eunice N. Thompson Memorial​ ​​​Zuma Memorial
​William & Opal Wilson Education Memorial 


The LSSC Foundation, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin or disability.