Lake-Sumter Community College

Law Enforcement Training

Lake-Sumter State College is hosting a training for law enforcement and other first responders in partnership with the Lake County Sheriff's Office on Friday, October 5, 2018.

This training is a full-scale mass casualty exercise. This exercise is intended to be an active simulation that allows the College and first responsers to practice a response, evaluate current procedures, and improve emergency response protocols.

Please note that this exercise was scheduled on a Friday to minimize disruptions to class schedules. However, the exercise may interrupt operations at offices across the Leesburg Campus. You may find that an office or building is closed or unavailable during this time.

If you find yourself involved in the exercise, please follow the instructions of all law enforcement personnel and first responders. Note that simulated gunfire and sirens will be used during the exercise.

Additionally, the College will implement enhanced security measures on campus this Friday. For your safety and the safety of others, no weapons should be brought to campus or stored in your vehicle on this day.