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Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) LSSC Chapter

Recent Chapter Events

AFC Region III Conference

LSSC hosted this year's Region III Conference on the theme of "Strength in Numbers" on Friday, April 29, 2016 at the South Lake Campus.

Photos from event
AFC Region III logo

May the Fourth Be With You

The chapter celebrated the end of the spring semester with a costume party on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at the Leesburg Campus.

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May the Fourth AFC event

AFC Button Days

Be on the look out for chapter officers, who will go door-to-door on random days to see if chapter members are wearing their buttons! Those who are will receive special prizes courtesy of the chapter.
AFC button days

LSSC Chapter

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How is my AFC membership an investment?  

We share a common goal of promoting the growth and advancement of the college system and its employees. AFC monitors laws affecting the college system and keeps you informed. Membership is your guarantee that a full-time staff is working to enhance your professional image, to support the goals of your profession, and to protect our system from apathy.

AFC membership is an investment in your future.  

Member Benefits

  • Your dues support representation at the legislative level and give you an opportunity to have input into the legislative process.

  • A professional lobbying team with proven success in the legislative arena.

  • Networking with more than 7,000 other members to share ideas, opinions, concerns. You can ...

    • participate in 17 different commissions.

    • keep informed through the member newspaper.

    • attend chapter meetings and regional workshops.

  • Weekly legislative updates during the legislative session.

  • A summary of the legislative funding request.

  • Educational programs, meetings and activities at the local, regional and state level, including the annual convention.

  • The knowledge that you are supporting an organization that supports what is important to you. 

  • Local benefits for active members include a book scholarship and paid Kid's College tuition for member's children.

Statewide Officers 

  • 2012-13 AFC President Dr. Gary Sligh

  • 2013-14 AFC Past P​resident Dr. Gary Sligh

Region III Officers
  • 2015-16 Mike Merrill, Region III Director 

2015-16 Chapter Officers

  • President — Mary Heikkinen

  • President-Elect — Cynthia Nash

  • Vice President (Leesburg Campus) — Dani Chandonnet

  • Vice President (Sumter Campus) — Dr. Richard Morrill

  • Vice President (South Lake Campus) — Brenda Skoczelas

  • Secretary — Debby Godwin

  • Treasurer — Sue Hackney

  • Historian — Shirley Bazemore

  • Publications/Legislative Rep. — David Renna

  • Ad Hoc Region III Planning Committee
    • Mike Merrill, Director
    • Alex Bruno, South Lake Representative
    • Jessica Bardt, South Lake Representative


Chapter Meetings

Minutes from past year's meetings are also available.

Membership Minutes

Executive Committee Minutes


Updated 7/12/16