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Institutional Effectiveness Planning Committee (IEPC)

Committee Charge and Members:
The charge of the Institutional Effectiveness Planning Committee is to fulfill an advisory, monitoring, and coordinating role ensuring that the College maintains reliable and systematic institutional processes and practices at every level that sustain the high-quality evaluation activities of academic programs and support services.


Visual Matrix of the Committee Charge and Purpose


Permanent Voting Members​ ​

Co-Chairs: ​Dave Weber and Rick Palmer

Voting Members​ ​

Faculty Members: Cory Blackwell, Taralyn Pierce, Jennifer Cerione, Danielle Reites,
Student Affairs Representatives:  Esther Fagan, Caitlin Moore ​  
Business Affairs Representative:​  Mike Matulia
Outreach Representative​: Delrita Meisner ​ 
IT Representative​: Steven Fowler ​ 
Resource Members: Bill Dillinger, Statistician    Scribe: Suzanne Dausman



Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes