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Rising Energy Cost

Energy prices are anticipated to continue fluctuating and increasing at a high rate this year. Our energy could cost 20% or more than in previous years. This is a serious and unplanned impact on our college budget. The College and Facilities Department is asking every individual to help keep air-conditioning and heating costs down.

In this effort, Facilities attempts to maintain temperatures in offices and classrooms between 70 degrees and 74degrees depending on the building systems and time of year. During the cooler months the temperature in many college buildings might be at/about 70°F although some might be warmer simply because of the building system make-up. During the warmer season, most buildings are generally between 72 degrees and 74 degrees +/- two degrees.

In the next past two years, Facilities has completed building thermostat calibration of the temperature control devices to ensure they are set correctly. If you think your space is routinely hotter or colder than the expected range for the given season, please complete a Track-It work order for Facilities and we will see if adjustment of your room temperature is needed based on the given temperature standard criteria. The College is also asking individuals not to use electrical space heaters since this is counter-productive to energy savings. Instead it is encouraged that individuals become acquainted with their particular office/classroom environments and dress accordingly. Again, if you feel that your space requires additional heat to meet the given standard, please complete a work order to request a space temperature assessment.

We also encourage you to e-mail conservation ideas and suggestions to