Lake-Sumter Community College

Human Resources Mission Statement

As a strategic partner of Lake-Sumter State College's mission, the Human Resources team will develop and deliver innovative human resource programs and services designed to support the mission of the College. By recruiting, retaining, and supporting a dedicated diverse workforce committed to student success. HR will foster a positive learning environment enhanced by teamwork, communication, innovation, professional development and service excellence. HR will respect and value each individual and embrace continuous improvement in all its employee programs and services. 



College projects as directed:

Fran Pistilli
HR Project Manager

Performance Review and Job Classification Systems; Policy and Procedure Questions:

Pam Fletcher

Interim Director HR



Professional Development/Orientation/Leadership, Wellness Events, Employee Recognition and Performance Management: 

Tracey Hoff
Sr. Mgr. Professional Development & Wellness





New Hire Activations, Separations, Employment Packets, Job Descriptions, Board Reports: 

Thomas Yaccarino
HR Records Specialist

Employee Recruitment & Staffing:

Sasha Aponte
Talent Acquisition Mgr

General Recruitment Questions or Recruitment Scheduling: 

Kelly Duke
Recruitment Coordinator

​Total Rewards Projects:

Sam Sweeney
Sr. Mgr. Benefits & Compensation


Equity & Diversity Questions:

Rebecca Nathanson
Director Campus Security


​Title IX & Clery Act Questions:

Pam Fletcher
Interim Director HR



General Office Questions and Processes: 

Tasha Hurst
HR Administrative Assistant




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