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Frequently Asked Questions for Internal Use Only

Why do I use a Purchase Order (PO)?

PO serves as a legal binding contract with vendor and formalizes all the terms and conditions of a transaction; such as requested item(s), delivery schedule, quantity, and price.
Encumbers funds. Complies with LSSC Board Rule 6.09-Approval of Purchase.

How to start Requisition/Purchase Order Process? 

**Prior to starting a requisition, make sure vendor is in the system**

How do I find out if a vendor is in the system? (FTIIDEN)

If vendor isn't in system, have vendor complete Vendor Information & W-9 Forms. Email to

Check Budget (FGIBAVL

How do I create requisition? (FPAREQN)

  • Choose correct account number(s) (FOAPAL)

  • Complete requestor/delivery information, price, quantity

  • Full description of item(s) or services being purchased

  • Correct way to do a Blanket PO

  • If using multiple accounts/FOAPALS, contact Purchasing

  • Item Text/ Document Text enter special instructions for Vendor or Purchasing Dept. in the Item/Document Text field only. Do not use the Comments Field (this information will not print on PO).

  • Complete/ "in" process button

Requisition is completed, what's next?

  • Who needs to approve Req? (FOAAINP)
  • How do I view approval history? (FOIAPPH)
  • What to do once a Req. is disapproved? (GUAMESG)
  • Is Req approved? What is Req/PO number? (FOIDOCH)
  • How do I delete a Req? Go to FPAREQN, type in Req. number: Record, Remove/ Delete, Delete (can only be used if Req is disapproved or not completed)
  • How do I cancel or make changes to Req? FOADOCU (this can only be done if Req isn’t approved by everyone in approval queue)
  • Purchase Order is finally complete and processed by Purchasing Dept.

What happens after goods are Received?

  • Complete and return Receiving Report (RR) to Financial Services as soon as any part of order is received. The department that ordered/received is responsible for getting RR to Financial Services.
    • Referencing attached list is accepted
    • Agreed prices for services or products of blanket POs must be provided
  • How to check balance of PO? FGIENCD
  • How to increase or decrease PO? {Send email requesting change to
  • How to monitor open POs? FGIOENC
  • How to Research existing Reqs? FPIREQN/ Query of Req
  • How to Research existing POs? FPIPURR/Query of PO
  • How to check available budget? FGIBAVL