Lake-Sumter Community College

Faculty Rank and Promotion


Use the documents below to compile your Faculty Rank and Promotion Portfolio. Start with the FRP Prospectus 2018-2019 document (second link from the bottom) and read the complete instructions. Then use the forms, applications, checklists, and tally sheet as indicated in the prospectus.
Here are some links to help you get started with a teaching philosophy:

 Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching – Teaching Statements

 University of Central Florida Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning – Developing a Professional Portfolio

 Ohio State University’s University Center for the Advancement of Teaching  



2018-2019  Peer Review Committee Checklist.docx
2018-2019  Request for Faculty Rank and Promotion Application Consideration.pdf
2018-2019 Annual Evaluation Verification Form.docx.pdf
2018-2019 Candidate Recommendation Form.pdf
2018-2019 FRP Committee Tally Sheet.pdf
2018-2019 Peer Review Committee Information Form.pdf
2018-2019 Peer Teaching Evaluation Form.docx
2018-2019 Relevant Experience and Education Form.docx
FRP_Prospectus _2018-2019.pdf
Placement of Faculty 2017-2018.pdf