Lake-Sumter Community College

Technology and Educational Resources Committee

Purpose and Charge

Provide leadership advancing college and student success by:

A.      Providing support for, and making continuous improvement recommendations for campus-wide technology and academic support resources and college technology plans. 

Areas of Focus: oversight of campus-wide technology; short- and long-range technology planning and refresh; educational resources for e-Learning, Library and Center for Teaching and Learning; technology systems and infrastructure; website management; and technology and educational resources measures and targets.  

B.      Advancing the strategic plan, fostering cycles of improvement, monitoring college performance against set measures and targets, and making recommendations with the college mission, vision, values as a focus. Utilize the Business Planning Process to guide recommendations. 

C.      Collaborating with senior leadership, committees, division and departmental personnel and other subject matter experts as appropriate.

D.      Reviewing, prioritizing and making recommendation on projects/initiatives brought forward outside of the budget process.  

E.       Evaluating, recommending, and executing projects as assigned by Cabinet and Planning Council.


2018 - 2019 Focus and Objectives


  • Incorporate, update and replace technology
  • Ensure that technological endeavors are aligned with the institution’s strategic plan
  • Identify and recommend technology priorities & policies
  • Identify and set technical service/support requirements
  • Develop and maintain standards for technology
  • Improve budgeting for technology to provide a continuous and reliable funding stream






Mr. Doug Guiler


Ms. Karen Meade


Mr. Mark Duslak
Mr. Rob Johnson
Mr. Matt Kennedy
Ms. Karen Lanctot
Ms. Sandy Litton
Ms. Jen Manson
Ms. Betti McTurk

​Dr. Peter Olen
Mr. Rick Palmer
Ms. Brandy Ziesemer
Mr. Jesse Gomez, ex-officio
Mr. Mike Nathanson, ex officio
Dr. Heather Bigard, Cabinet liaison




Committee Schedule

  • Jan 30, 2019
  • Feb 27, 2019
  • Mar 27, 2019
  • Apr 24, 2019
  • May 29, 2019
  • June 26, 2019

Agendas and Minutes