Lake-Sumter Community College


Who qualifies for the Central Florida LSAMP program?
Although this program is open to all students who want to participate, this program is funded by NSF to increase the number of underrepresented minority students who pursue careers STEM.

How does a student become a Central Florida LSAMP student?
An interested student can submit the program enrollment form here and should participate in a minimum number of two program activities each semester to maintain status as an active student.

Why should a student consider joining Central Florida LSAMP?
LSAMP offe​rs enrolled students a community of peers, faculty, and staff committed to supporting students’ excellence in academics. LSAMP services offer students help with coursework, provide social support, promote familiarity with STEM professions and workplace expectations, and assist in identifying scholarship, internship, and research opportunities.

What are the benefits of being a Central Florida LSAMP student?
LSAMP students receive support through a range of program services, including dedicated STEM advising, opportunities to develop professionally in STEM fields, and STEM related university tours and conference participation.

Why is doing research such an important part of this program?
It has been shown that students who do research as undergraduates do better academically than those who don't and are more likely to go on to graduate school and be successful there.

Do you award scholarships to LSAMP students?
No, we do not award scholarships to LSAMP students. However, for qualifying LSAMP students, financial support may be available through LSSC’s Foundation partnership with the UCF DirectConnect Johnson Scholars Program.

Are you able to help students to get scholarships?
Yes, we share information with students about available scholarships and suggest resources the students may use to support their scholarship applications.

Are you able to help students to get summer internships?
Yes, we support students in pursuing internships. We encourage students to familiarize themselves with Career Development Services to start their internship search and meet with their advisor often.

What are the advantages of careers in STEM?
STEM professions represent some exciting work opportunities in academia and in business and industry. Many of these professions offer good salaries, opportunities for advancement, and avenues to drive innovation and address quality of life concerns. ​​