Lake-Sumter Community College

The LSCC Academic Early Alert Program

Through Starfish, faculty can raise a concern flag, make a referral, give kudos or assign a to-do item at any time in the semester.

Starfish will prompt faculty to report on the progress of their students (through the use of a progress survey) twice each semester.  This typically takes place at weeks 3 & 4 and again at weeks 7 & 8.  Department Chairs and Program Managers will receive a summary of the results of each survey when it closes, and items raised will be addressed by the appropriate service areas at the College. 

The LSSC Academic Early Alert program is driven by intrusive interventions with students who are exhibiting signs of academic withdrawal or personal distress.  To assist faculty in identifying signs of distress and determining appropriate action, we have divided evidence of distress into three distinct categories - imminent distress/crisis, early signs, and increased signs - using a stoplight system, illustrated below:

Triage picture Capture.PNG


For additional information for faculty regarding effectively responding to students in academic withdrawal, distress or crisis, please refer to the Faculty Academic Early Alert guide F16.pdf .