Lake-Sumter Community College


 LSSC students have the following rights:
  • To access appropriate college facilities and resources as necessary to enhance their academic and learning experience;

  • To communicate ideas in written and oral form without disruption to the regular operations of the institution and in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations;

  • To critically think and effectively communicate their opinions and views in any course of study and to be protected against prejudicial or capricious academic evaluation;

  • To participate in programs, services, and activities in a supportive, learning-centered environment to enhance their academic, social, and personal development;

  • To participate in and be represented on appropriate college committees in accordance with the shared governance system of the institution;

  • To access academic and administrative policies and procedures for addressing and resolving student complaints, grievances, and appeals.

LSSC Student Code of Conduct: 

The LSSC Student Code of Conduct outlines the behaviors, rights and responsibilities expected of all students. At the core of the student conduct process is education, focusing on student learning through individual growth and accountability of behaviors.

LSSC students have the following rights afforded to them during the conduct process:

  • To a fair and impartial hearing
  • To respond to allegations of misconduct
  • To choose the extent to which they respond to allegations
  • To seek advice from anyone, including LSSC staff or faculty
  • To be notified of a mandated hearing at least five business days in advance
  • To challenge any hearing board member if there is a potential conflict of interest
  • To be accompanied by an LSSC staff or faculty Advocate to the hearing
  • To rebut any witness testimony presented in the case
  • To present additional witnesses or information at the hearing, if deemed relevant by the hearing officer
  • To be found responsible if the evidence meets a clear and convincing burden of proof
  • To appeal the decision as detailed in LSSC Procedure 4-14

Conduct Sanctions: LSSC’s conduct procedures and sanctions for violation of rules and regulations are designed for correction of behavior and to protect the rights of other members of the College community, rather than for punishment. 

Due Process: LSSC follows due process procedures while enforcing the Student Conduct Code and adheres to the College’s procedures, and local, state and federal law.  

LSCC Jurisdiction: LSSC reserves the right to take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and well-being of the College’s community and to support the mission of the College.